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Author:管理员1       Date: 2012-02-27 15:14:02.0
The Lecture of Professor Wang Gengsheng

Topic:  The Equivalence Theorems of Several Different Kinds of Optimal Controls for Heat Equations.

Reporter: Professor Wang Gengsheng (Wuhan University)

Location: Zhixin Building, Room 1248, Block B

Date: Febrery 28, 2012 , Time: 16:30  



This talk presents two equivalence theorems for several dierent kinds of optimal control problems, such as time optimal control, norm optimal control and distant optimal control problems for heat equations (By the equivalence of two optimal control problems, we mean that they share the same optimal control ). It also provides some applications of the above-mentioned two theorems, including a sucient and necessary condition for both the optimal time and the optimal control to the time optimal control problem; two algorithms for optimal times and optimal norms; a constructive feedback norm optimal control. Some further comments on the current studies are given.